Duke Nukem Forever Dev Seeks Collaboration On Sequel

Duke Nukem Forever promo art

Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford has announced today that the studio is working on early concept art for a sequel to Duke Nukem Forever.

Speaking at the Develop 2015 conference in Brighton earlier today, Pitchford said: “I did not acquire the franchise merely so we could all experience Duke Nukem Forever. That was the toll to pay to give Duke a chance. That said, I liked that game. I got to see it from a slightly different perspective and it was marvellous to me”. He made it clear not to expect the game any time soon and it may not be developed by Gearbox. He said they are very busy and hopes they can find another developer also excited about the game that they can work with.

“When it does happen, there’s no doubt that the whole industry will turn its head and look,” he said. Considering that Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t exactly held in high regard by most, that’s a pretty bold thing to say.

Duke Nukem Forever was released by Gearbox in 2011, after the game had spent over a decade languising in development hell. After THQ folded, the Borderlands developer acquired the rights to the game and spent a year piecing it all together.

The game is very much a relic of its time, with decade-old design sensibilities and containing plenty of dated humor and puerile jokes. Critics panned it upon its release, and many asked whether it should have ever been released at all.

Gearbox is currently searching for developers on Borderlands 3 as well as working on and promoting co-op shooter Battleborn. Neither project has a current release date.

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