Batman: Arkham Knight To Get 1989 Movie Skins

Batmobile from Tim Burton's Batman film

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC was released earlier today (well, unless you’re a PC gamer), and now Warner Bros. Interactive has announced another batch of DLC for release in August.

Season Pass holders will receive the 1989 Movie Pack, which includes skins for the Batmobile and Batman taken from the 1989 Tim Burton film, as well as two Batmobile tracks inspired by 1992’s Batman Returns.

In addition to the 1989 skins, a second skin pack will be released. The Bat-family Skin pack will contain six character skins taken from DC Comics’ alternate timelines: 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin, Arkham Origins‘ Batman, Iconic Grey and Black Batman, 1970’s Batman and Arkham City‘s version of Nightwing.

If you’ve never seen them before, the two Tim Burton Batman films are pretty decent; though Batman Returns is a bit weird, featuring Michelle Pfeiffer in a skintight PVC outfit licking herself, Christopher Walken hamming it up as a corrupt corporate exec, and Danny DeVito biting people’s noses off.

Still, they’re both infinitely better than the godawful Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, which were directed by Michael Schumacher and ultimately led to the series being placed on hiatus for over a decade until Chris Nolan came along with Batman Begins.

Dale Morgan reviewed Batman: Arkham Knight, giving Rocksteady’s final outing with the Caped Crusader a score of 9/10. “It’s not the best game in the series – that honor is still held by Asylum – but Batman: Arkham Knight is a game you want to savor, a game that you’ll want to take your time with simply because you don’t want it to end,” he wrote.

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