New Batman: Arkham Knight Patch Fixes Leaderboards

New Batman: Arkham Knight patch on console fixes broken leaderboards

A new patch for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released for consoles.

Patch 1.03 is less than 100mb in size, and is aimed at fixing the game’s leaderboards – meaning that you can now compare scores for the game’s AR challenges. Prior to this patch, PS4 users weren’t able to access leaderboards at all. arkham Knight‘s creative director, Sefton Hill, confirmed late last week that a patch to fix the problem was in the works.

Rocksteady is currently focused on fixing the PC version of the game, which is so plagued with problems that publisher Warner Bros. temporarily withdrew the game from sale. Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy ported the game to PC, but they’re not involved in fixing the issues. After pulling the game from sale, Warner Bros. issued an apology to disappointed fans.

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