Arkham Knight Leaderboard Fix On PS4 Is Coming

Akrham Knight Leaderboard fix for PS4 is on its way

As if the plethora of technical issues plaguing the PC version of the game weren’t enough, Arkham Knight has another problem: PS4 players are unable to connect to the PlayStation Network leaderboards.

While the leaderboards worked fine immediately after the game was released on Tuesday, it wasn’t long before users started reporting problems. The prevailing theory doing the rounds is that the servers have buckled under the strain of so many people playing the game, akin to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack.

Fans quickly took to the game’s official forums to discuss the problem, as well as the official PlayStation forums, GameFAQ‘s forums and Reddit.

Yesterday, Rocksteady co-founder and Arkham Knight director Sefton Hill announced via twitter that a fix is on its way – though sorting out the PC version remains the studio’s top priority:

With this hiccup coming shortly after Arkham Knight‘s removal from Steam by publisher Warner Bros. after thousands of complaints about poor performance and missing visual effects, the game’s launch period hasn’t exactly gone smoothly.

Are people going to be willing to buy a game that’s suffering from so many problems that it had to be taken down from the biggest software-distribution platform on PC and then had problems even with its console release? That remains to be seen; though with the backing power of Warner Bros. and the name Batman in the title, prospects can’t be too bleak.

Our review of Arkham Knight should be ready sometime early next week.

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