Destiny Players Can Get XP Boosts For Drinking Red Bull

Seems that Activision and Red Bull want you to be amped up while playing the new Destiny: The Taken King expansion. The two companies have just detailed an in-game quest and bonus XP buffs that can be unlocked by drinking marked cans of Red Bull.

Each marked can of the energy drink will contain a code for a “Focused Light” consumable, which increases the amount of XP gained in-game by 50 percent for 30 minutes per code.

The codes can be redeemed via starting on July 1st. There will also be an “epic” new quest available for Destiny: The Taken King which will be available for Red Bull purchasers on September 15th and remain exclusive until December 31st of this year. These offers will be available in North America only.

The existence of the Red Bull and Destiny tie-in has been known for some time now, though the details of the promotion have only just been released. US packs of Red Bull had been spotted with promotional codes for Destiny: The Taken King weeks before E3, as can be seen here on Agrios Endendros’ Twitter:

This announcement comes at an awkward time for Bungie, who is already dealing with bad press over the $40 price tag for the new expansion.

Reaction to the promotional deal has been negative to say the least. Even other game developers are making fun of the new promotional deal. The Dying Light twitter has posted their own “promotional deal” for a beverage everyone will want to drink:

How will Activision respond to all the negativity behind this promotional deal with Red Bull? Only time will tell.

Hugh Thornhill

Hugh Thornhill

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