Project CARS 2 Announced

Project CARS 2 Announced

Slightly Mad Studios has announced Project CARS 2, just weeks after the first game went on sale.

Development is to be funded via the developers’ own WMD (World of Mass Development) crowdfunding platform, which was also used to fund the original game. £50 is the minimum tier, which will give backers access to regular builds of the game (estimated to be daily), along with access to the official forum, a digital copy of the finished game, an exclusive in-game avatar and an exclusive desktop wallpaper.

Dig deep into your pocket and lay down an eye-watering £10,000, however, and you’ll get access to a private subforum, 100 design votes (enabling you to vote for or against features during development), a bunch of in-game features and real-world merchandise, and dinner with the developers at a Michelin-starred restaurant and a stay in a luxury hotel in London. The description of this tier states that “all costs” will be covered – presumably paid for using the insane amount of money you’ll have donated.

As far as platforms are concerned, Project CARS 2 is currently listed as being in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One and SteamOS. The original game also listed Wii U as a platform, though that version of the game has yet to materialize and, according to Slightly Mad themselves, potentially never will.

Some will raise their eyebrows at the news of a sequel being announced via crowdfunding just weeks after the first game went on sale – particularly given that many users have reported no small amount of bugs which have yet to be fixed. Despite those issues however, Project CARS was still an enjoyable game, if a little rough around the edges, and Slightly Mad has said that they intend to continue their support of the game with more content and support in the months to come.

Nic awarded Project CARS 7/10 in his review, noting that while the graphics were admittedly stunning, issues with the user interface and the AI of opponents led to frequent frustration, while the sheer amount of bugs and glitches – including repeated crashes – displayed a lack of overall polish and testing prior to release.

“So what is Project CARS in a nutshell? It’s a racing simulator with over 100 tracks, which is frequently gorgeous to look at, watch and play thanks in no small part to some striking (if occasionally overdone) dynamic weather and lighting effects,” Nic wrote in his Project CARS review. “What it isn’t is perfect, with erratic AI, awful music, an abundance of bugs and glitches and spotty performance.”

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