Bard’s Tale IV Reaches $1.25m Goal

Bard's Tale IV Reaches $1.25m Goal

The Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard’s Tale IV has successfully reached it’s goal accruing (as of this writing) $1,252,697 with 25 days still left on the clock.

The Bard’s Tale IV comes to us from the prolific designer, publisher, and founder of both Interplay Entertainment and inXile Entertainment, Brian Fargo. Brian worked on the previous Bard’s Tale installments, and has recently re-entered the public spotlight with both Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Any backer who donates at least $25 (the $20 “Early Bard Gets the Worm” tier is already full) will also receive the original Bard’s Tale trilogy. In regards to this, the Kickstart campaign notes “Additionally, we have an agreement with the original The Bard’s Tale III programmer Rebecca “Burger” Heineman and her company Olde Sküül to update the games for modern machines! She will be working to make the games run natively, without needing emulators, on PC or Mac. We’ll get you the emulated versions of the trilogy as soon as the Kickstarter ends and our backer site is up.”

The Bard’s Tale IV, for the uninitiated, will be a dungeon-crawling CRPG featuring deep dungeons, conniving traps and treacherous puzzles. The game will use the Unreal 4 engine, with plans to utilize photogrammetry to insert 3D objects based on Scottish architecture, creating a realistic environment and detailed items for players to inspect for secret compartments. The combat is described as turn based “but with a constantly evolving enemy strategy and a pacing that keeps you on your toes.”

The Kickstarter page lists the estimated delivery date of the digital versions of the game as “Oct 2017.”

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