SOMA Gets A New E3 Trailer

SOMA gets a new E3 trailer

E3 is just around the corner, in case you’d somehow missed the avalanche of press releases, announcements of announcements and trailers on seemingly every gaming website in existence (ahem). Frictional Games (they of Amnesia fame) has decided to join in on the fun with a brand spanking new trailer for their upcoming survival horror game SOMA.

SOMA takes the developers’ penchant for pant-wettingly terrifying gameplay into the far future, which means an abandoned space station, lots of flickery light sources, and Something That Has Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong™. It also looks rather pretty, if weird tentacle things coming out of a spacesuit and dead bodies strewn all over a blood-splattered room can be said to be pretty.

Anyway, basically all you need to know is that a) SOMA looks like it could give Amnesia a decent run for its money as the most heart-attack inducing game that isn’t Wii Fit, and that b) it’s coming out on September 22nd this year on PC and PS4.

Have a gander at the trailer below, which introduces us all to the main character and gives a glimpse of what will inevitably happen when mankind finally starts exploring the universe.

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