New Intel Site Supports Integrated Graphics

Intel Launches Site For Integrated Graphics

Intel has launched a site that aims to help gamers make the most of their integrated graphics systems.

Although integrated graphics may not be the first choice for gamers, they’ve come on far enough that you can usually get a decent frame rate from modern games. Intel’s site aims to take out the element of guesswork for players by compiling the optimized settings for various games based on your IGP.

If you want to try this yourself, you first have to head over to then manually select your CPU. Intel’s site will then present you with a list of games that are compatible with your chip’s integrated graphics solution. Alternatively, you can search for a particular title yourself and you’ll be presented with a screenshot of in-game settings that are recommended by Intel.

Sadly, Intel’s site doesn’t make mention of what type of performance you can expect, and it’s also unclear what other hardware is used in their test. For experienced gamers it’s unlikely that this will be of much help, but those who’re new to PCs will probably find this site a good starting point for figuring out the capabilities of their hardware.

Intel also announced a partnership with Raptr earlier this year, which will eventually allow one-click game performance optimization information for Intel IGPs. Raptr’s optimization engine uses data from both Intel and AMD’s internal labs. There are three optimization settings – frame-rate focused (which aims at maximizing the frames per second), quality focused (which maximizes visuals while remaining above 30fps) and balanced (which is somewhere in the middle). You can download Raptr here.

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