Release Date of Valve’s Steam Machine Revealed

Valve has at long last announced the release date for the first wave of its highly anticipated Steam Machine. The Linux-based gaming PC will hit store shelves on November 10th. However, those who preorder a Steam Machine will be able to get it almost a month earlier on October 16th.

PC developers Alienware and Syber will be among the first to release the first wave of Steam Machines. Alienware will be offering its line of Steam Machines in four different versions differing in storage space, processing power, and other features with a price range of $449 up to $749 (roughly £295 up to £490). Syber will be offering three different versions of their Steam Machines priced at $499, $729, and $1419 (roughly £325, £475, and £924).

Alongside the release of the Steam Machine, the Steam Controller and Steam Link will both be available on the same release date for $49.99 (£39.99 in the UK) each, though they can also be purchased as a bundle. The Steam Link will allow Steam users to stream games from their gaming PC or Steam Machine to their TV. The Steam Controller will allow players to control games  from all genres on the gaming PC, including ones that are usually reserved for play with a mouse and keyboard. You can check it out in action in the video below.



Hugh Thornhill

Hugh Thornhill

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