Players Downloading ODST For Halo: The Master Chief Collection Experiencing Issues


Halo Master Chief Collection is facing problems once again, as a number of players have reported problems when trying to download and install the campaign for ODST.

The addition of Halo: ODST‘s campaign to the Master Chief Collection was first announced late last year, as a way of apologizing for the continued problems faced by players attempting to play the game online. The add-on is free for anyone who played the Master Chief Collection prior to December 19th. For all other players, the add-on costs $4.99/ £3.99.

However it would appear that the infamous problems suffered by players during the Master Chief Collection‘s botched launch are now affecting the latest add-on, as a number of users have reported issues surrounding the installation and downloading of the remastered campaign. According to several reports from users on Reddit and NeoGaf, the issues at hand seem based around the downloads itself, with it stopping at around the 99-100% mark – forcing players to re-download the entire campaign again. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if it didn’t weigh in at over 8gb.

This news comes as the latest in what is already a series of embarrassing Halo-related issues from 343 and Microsoft. With the Halo Championship Series forced to cancel one of their tournaments due to technical difficulties surrounding online play, its been a difficult period for this brand name and one that I’m sure has already frustrated a lot of gamers up to this point. With Halo 5 Guardians expected to launch October 27th, we can only hope that 343 have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to making sure that a new release in Microsoft’s flagship franchise is up to scratch out the gate.

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