Weekly Game Deals: Makers and Players

Sleeping Dogs Shootout

This week’s deals offer a wide assortments, from competitive games to console bundles, Sleeping Dogs and utterly unknown indies, games for players, and programs for game makers.


Steam is opening us this week with a Degica Games midweek special, putting RPG Makers VX, XP, and 2003 in addition to other games and utility software on sale. In addition to the Degica sale, two other titles are on sale. Construction Simulator 2015 is on sale for $11.99, and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for $7.50.

The RPG Maker series has been a go-to development software for years and years, with fan translation of the software existing since the early RPG Maker 95 until it was finally published in English starting with RPG Maker XP. Further, several indie games that have performed well on Steam, including several in the Degica sale, have proven a good start for game makers going into the industry.

For those seeking more play than creation, the Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs is very nearly a steal at $7.50, especially given its quality. Our Sleeping Dogs review found it to have a flair for the dramatic, but an honest appreciation for its material. “Sleeping Dogs has all the elements that make a Grand Theft Auto-style open-world game great. There are hundreds of collectibles and outfits to find and purchase, and a vibrant and colorful city that very much plays into the Chinese culture and aesthetic.”


gog.com, this week, is offering a sale on the Oddworld Classics, with three of the Oddworld games for 75% off.


This week’s pay-what-you-want title is Standpoint, pitting the player against a “labyrinth fades into view; a space you control but that holds you. Completely lost with nowhere else you could be.”

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars has, as always, a very impressive list of bundles.

The full list includes the Killer 3 bundle ($4.99 for 10 games), the Shadow of Mordor bundle ($19.99 for Shadow of Mordor + 18 DLC), the GameGuru bundle ($19.99 for GameGuru + 2 Mega Packs), the Outer Limits bundle ($3.49 for 10 games), the Sims Mega bundle ($2.49 for 12 games), the Omerta: City of Gangsters Complete bundle ($3.49 for Omerta: City of Gangsters + 5 DLC), the SuperPowered Sims bundle Reloaded ($4.99 for 9 games), the Barbaric bundle ($3.49 for 10 games), the Mumbo Jumbo bundle ($2.99 for 10 games), the Resurrection bundle ($2.49 for 14 games), the F.E.A.R. bundle ($4.99 for 3 games + 3 DLC), the Aftershock bundle ($2.99 for 7 games), the Platypus bundle ($1.49 for 7 games), the You Don’t Know Jack Classics bundle ($3.99 for 9 games), the Victory Mega bundle ($2.99 for 14 games), the Deep Space bundle ($2.99 for 10 games), the Victoria Complete bundle ($4.99 for 2 games + 9 DLC), the Tex Murphy bundle ($2.49 for 5 games), the GRID 2 Complete bundle ($14.99 for GRID 2 + 11 DLC), the LEGO Super Heroes bundle ($14.99 for 5 games), the AI War Complete bundle (AI War: Fleet command + 10 DLC), the Guardians of Middle Earth bundle ($4.99 for Guardians of Middle Earth + 7 DLC), the Reboot 4.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games), the Reboot 2.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games), the Hacker (Reloaded) bundle ($2.99 for 13 games.), the RPG Champions bundle ($4.99 for 6 games), the Reboot 7.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games and DLC), the Reboot 3.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games), and the Blaze of Glory bundle ($3.49 for 6 games).

The small cataclysm of games in this week’s Bundle Stars hides a lot of gems. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat in the Killer 3 bundle, System Shock 2 in the Aftershock bundle, the F.E.A.R. bundle is an old haunt of the deal round-up and still a great deal, Shadow of Mordor is great at the cost, much less with several DLC, same for GRiD 2.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala has brought its usual sshowing of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday bundles, with the Bedlam reprising, and a new bundle. This week’s Monday bundle ($2.19 for 7 games.) is almost entirely populated by unknowns, but one of the options is strikingly bizarre: Jones on Fire, a game about rescuing cats from an inferno. As with last week, the Hump Day bundle ($3.19 for 12 games.) have a space and sky theme, with Starlaxis Rise of the Light Hunters and Dogfighter. The Friday bundle ($3.19 for 12 games.) also trails from last week, with Retro/Grade and Pixel Piracy still in the mix. The Bedlam bundle ($3.19 for 10 games) continues as well, full of zombies, including early access for first-person shooter Bedlam.

The newbie this week is the May-hem bundle ($3.99 for 10 games), which includes the bafflingly silly Divekick, beautiful Vessel, and remarkable and strange Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage.

The Friday and May-hem bundles speak to me the most this week, with the aforementioned Retro/Grade and Pixel Piracy in the mix, and Magnetic by Nature has the sort of art style that pushes all the right buttons. The May-hem would be worth it for Divekick alone if fighting games and competitive play are to your tastes.

Humble Bundle

This week has something brand new, the Humble Nindie Bundle. For the first time ever, the Humble Bundle is offering indie titles for consoles, in this case the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS.

In the bundle is Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, Whoa Dave!, and Mighty Switch Force! Beating he average, which is $9.25 at time of writing, adds The Fall, OlliOlli, and Moon Chronicles. Paying over $10 will add Stealth Inc. 2 and SteamWorld Dig.

The weekly bundle is on-going from last week, with the Humble Weekly Bundle Adventures! 2. It holds Secret Files: Tunguska, Stacking, Syberia and The Novelist with digital extras. Going above the average, currently $5.20, and will add The Night of the Rabbit Premium Edition, Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse, and Always Sometimes Monsters. Bringing the value up to $8 or more adds The Raven – Legacy of the Master Thief Digital Deluxe Edition and Blackwell Epiphany.

Also from last week is the Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile bundle, with a new average of $6.06. Pay what you want for Deadly Puzzles, Time Mysteries 1 and Clockwork Tales. Above the average will include Demon Hunter, Grim Legends, Time Mysteries 2 and Time Mysteries 3. For beating $9, the bundle will add Grim Legends 2 and Enigmatis 2.

The console-Humble Bundle is incredibly fascinating, and a feature that I hope joins the regular rotation of Humble Bundles. Especially given the sheer presence of indies on the major three console-makers, that only seems like it will grow in the coming generations.

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is has two major sales going on, including a Deep Silver publisher sale and a Ubisoft sale, while also running a PlayStation Plus Specials sale. Some standouts include Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition for $12.49. Metro Redux bundle for $24.99.

Xbox Live

Microsoft’s Deals With Gold has no major spotlight this week, but includes Alien: Isolation for $19.99 for the Xbox One. The 360 deals are decidedly more numerous, and includes several Call of Duty titles for around 50% off. Games with Gold is the same as last week, with Pool Nation FX, Castle Storm Definitive Edition, and F1 2013.

Nintendo Network

Nintendo’s Offers page continues to state the Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars cross-buy program. The Capcom Spring Sale is likewise still ongoing for just a few more days, ending on the 28th.

My personal highlights include Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth ($39.99, 3DS), Trine and Trine II ($9.99 each, WiiU), Cave Story ($4.99, 3DS), and Duck Tales Remastered ($6.75, WiiU).

That’s it for this week! Please leave your comments below and let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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