Chasm Kickstarter Gets 2-Year Anniversary Update

Chasm Two-Year Anniversary Update

After a period of silence following their March update, developer Discord Games has released another announcement regarding Chasm, its twice-delayed Kickstarter project that was originally funded back in May 2013.

The update chronicles the two-year development process of Chasm, from funding until present, giving us a brief glimpse into the life of an independent developer. The posts talks about the game’s initial release dates, but how the team wasn’t satisfied enough with their progress to commit to them.

After the initial delay, the team at Discord Games was contacted by Sony, who wanted Chasm on the PS4, and then Nintendo, who offered its assistance with marketing. In September 2014, they decided to rush out an Alpha version, spurred on by the fact that they had missed their second release date. The alpha continued through February 2015, during which time they received feedback from fans and continued to tweak the game, fixing what didn’t work and polishing what did.

Now, according to the Kickstarter update, Discord Games has put together a version “with every major character, plot point, and setpiece put in the game. . . This process included doing final revisions to the script and characters, adding a new intro area, finishing drafts of every area’s graphics and music, sketching the remainder of the setpieces for the artists, and designing the area layouts and major puzzles for the second half of the game,” but added “While we’ve completed a ton of new stuff in the past few months, we hope you can understand that we’re not ready to start revealing it just yet.”

Although nothing other than a few NPC models and an “old and mysterious painting” were revealed in the update, Discord Games promises that it will be showing off their new artwork, music, and enemies this summer. The game’s Facebook page teased a summer 2015 release, but the Kickstarter update notes that Chasm‘s official release date is now “when it’s done.”

Shehzaan Abdulla went hands on with Chasm for Continue Play last year, and was impressed by what he found. “It’s hard but not sadistic, pixelated but not panderingly retro,” Shehzaan wrote in his Chasm preview. “We’ve yet to see how the eyebrow-raising procedural level generation will work in practice, but there’s plenty of quality on display already to inspire confidence.”

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