Let’s Play… Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Let's Play... Deus Ex Human Revolution

I have two words for you: ROBOT EYES! Come watch me tackle Eidos Montreal’s cyberpunk opera Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I loved this game back when it came out back in 2011 (it has one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time), and with the recent announcement of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I thought it’d be fun to go back and take a look at Eidos Montreal’s resurrection of Ion Storm’s classic cyberpunk RPG series. Besides, becoming a cyborg ass-kicker is my ultimate dream.

Enjoy! And if you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment below this article.

If you want to read more stuff about Human Revolution, what better place to start than Nic Bunce’s excellent retrospective review, right here on Continue Play?

Kyle Barrows

Kyle Barrows

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