DOOM Set For Full Reveal At Bethesda’s E3 Conference

DOOM 4 set for gameplay reveal at E3 next month

DOOM will enjoy its first public gameplay reveal at this year’s E3 next month, publisher Bethesda has announced.

We’ve long suspected that DOOM will form one of the central pillars of Bethesda’s first-ever dedicated conference at the annual expo this year, but the publisher has finally confirmed it via a blink-and-you’ll miss it gameplay teaser, which you can view below.

DOOM has been in development for some years now at id Software. It was officially announced as being in production all the way back in 2008, though a mid-development change saw the team go back to the drawing board in 2011. Last year’s E3 saw a very brief re-announcement of the game, while a behind-closed-doors trailer was shown off at Quakecon the following month in July. But after 6 years in official development, gamers will finally get their first detailed look at the 4th entry in the genre-defining FPS series next month.

The video below doesn’t show much, but it does show off the new design of the series’ Revenant monster, a towering skeletal figure outfitted with shoulder-mounted dual cannons. After DOOM 3 went with a more slow-burn, survival horror vibe, the impression left by the brief teaser seems to chime with reports that the latest game in the series will go back the series’ roots.

Aside from DOOM, Bethesda is also widely expected to reveal the existence of Fallout 4. While the publisher has yet to officially confirm the game’s existence, rumors have been steadily mounting, with the most recent hint coming via a cinematic artist’s LinkedIn page last week.

Bethesda’s E3 conference takes place on June 14th at 7pm PST.

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