Dying Light’s Bozak Horde DLC Adds Horde Mode

Dying Light's Bozak Horde DLC Adds Horde Mode

Techland’s open-world zombie apocalypse sim, Dying Light, which mixes free-running with more traditional Zombie game survival mechanic,s is getting a new DLC pack on May 26th called The Bozak Horde.

The latest slice of DLC will add a cooperative horde mode to the game, with plenty of loot and new weapons up for grabs depending on how well manage to perform.

The trailer looks like something straight out of the movie Saw: A character wakes up, chained to a wall, while a masked figure taunts you from a TV screen. He even throws in a “let the game begin” quip. The brief gameplay footage in the trailer shows a player running through Harran Stadium, traversing a maze-like map before smashing a button to deactivate a bomb. The trailer doesn’t show many horde elements, but Techland has said that it will “offer a stiff challenge even for teams of four.”

Completing the DLC will grant you the “ultimate stealth weapon”: a compound bow. Separate challenges will allow you to unlock electric, incendiary and explosive arrows for the bow.

The Bozak Horde is included free for Season Pass owners, or will be available separarely for $9.99. Here’s the trailer.

If you’re on the fence about buying Dying Light, check out Kyle Barrows’ Let’s Play. He was skeptical, too, but notes that “in the end, Dying Light really caught me by surprise… in a good way,” praising the game’s exploration and parkour mechanics and calling it a “very satisfying.”

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