Watch Dogs Sequel Listed On Dev’s Linkedin CV

Watch Dogs was disappointing - will the sequel be better?

Watch Dogs 2 is in development, according to an Ubisoft employee’s CV. spotted the listing on Watch Dogs developer Julian Risse’s Linkedin profile, though references to the sequel have since been removed. Risse previously worked on the first game, in the role of Senior Gameplay Programmer.


Watch Dogs managed to sell over 8 million copies upon all platforms since launch, though it received mixed reviews from players and critics. Much of the criticism centered on a lack of innovation and graphics which had been downgraded from initial gameplay videos, as well as lead protagonist Aiden Pearce not being particularly likeable.

Our own Nic Bunce reviewed Watch Dogs, awarding Ubisoft Montreal’s open-world action game a “good” score of 7/10. Despite not being impressed by the weak narrative, Nic enjoyed the game for what it was and praised the potential that the IP has for a franchise. “Even though it may be a little rough around the edges, taken in isolation it’s a perfectly enjoyable,” Nic wrote in his Watch Dogs review. “But don’t expect it to be anything new or marvelous, because you may be let down terribly.”

At the start of this year, creative director Jonathan Morin said that there would be a Watch Dogs sequel, saying that the series would “carry on taking risks,” and explained that there’s “a lot of room for improvement” as the publisher takes the series forward.

As for an official announcement, it’s possible that will come during Ubisoft’s conference at this year’s E3, which takes place in Los Angeles in June.

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