New Rainbow Six: Siege Video Shows Off CTU Forces

New Rainbow Six Siege Video Shows Off CTU Forces

Ubisoft has released a new video for Rainbow Six: Siege, the latest installment in the long-running tactical shooter series.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege will put more of an influence on multiplayer, in comparison to earlier Rainbow Six entries. Perhaps not too surprising, as the game is being positioned as an alternative to both Activision’s Call of Duty and EA’s Battlefield.

The new video shows off all sorts of different Counter Terrorist Units, ranging from the AS, GIGN, SPETSNAZ, and GSG9  to the more recognizable FBI SWAT (all of which will be playable and distinguishable inside the game). Over the next few weeks, Ubisoft plans on revealing each Counter Terrorist Unit inside Rainbow Six: Siege through a series of different Spotlight Videos. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any sign of Jack Bauer from 24.

They missed a trick there.

The first of these Spotlight videos showcases the British Unit. Take a gander below.

Rainbow Six: Siege is seen by many to be a successor to the cancelled Rainbow Six: Patriots, and will continue the series’ tradition of depicting more realistic gameplay and encouraging teamwork. Aside from the new focus on multiplayer, the game will also feature destructible environments for the first time, so you’ll be able to destroy enemy cover and lay waste to your surroundings as you battle against either CTU operatives or terrorist cells. A beta is expected sometime this year on PlayStation, Xbox and Windows PC, available exclusively for players who preorder the game.

Rainbow Six: Siege is due out towards the end of the year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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