Let’s Play… Knights of the Old Republic 2

Let's Play... Knights of the Old Republic 2

With all the hoopla over everything Star Wars, I thought it time that I be given control of the galaxy and dusted off a copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 in hopes of spreading my dark influence across worlds. What I didn’t expect was to befriend a plucky droid armed with a flamethrower and gumption only to have him ripped away from me.

I expected all the naked ninja stuff though.

I will avenge my droid friend… those responsible will feel the electric wrath of my vengence! Also, click HERE to check out some of that Star Wars hoopla I was talking about.

Kyle Barrows

Kyle Barrows

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We're pretty sure Kyle just sort of appeared from behind a demonic cloud, but we are happy to allow Kyle to make videos for Continue Play lest his evil plans be unleashed upon the world.
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