Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Announced For Consoles And PC

Overlord: Fellowship of Destruction announced

After weeks of hints, Codemasters has finally lifted the lid and announced the existence of Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

The third game in the darkly humorous action series will be released on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 sometime this year, and will cost £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99. Rhianna Pratchett will once again be penning the script, and voice actor Marc Silk returns to voice the Minion’s master, Gnarl.

“With the last true Overlord deceased, gamers take up the role of one of four Netherghūls. These brand new, suitably nefarious additions to the series are undead servants of the dark arts, determined to bring evil back to a world overrun by the forces of good,” reads the announcement.

Gameplay wise, we’re back in familiar territory – once again you’ll be ordering various minions around each level, leaving chaos and destruction in your wake. The new game will also feature four player local and online co-op, and allow you to betray your team mates.

“We’ve been scheming about a new Overlord for some time,” said Rob Elser, Executive Producer at Codemasters. “We really wanted to do something that would allow us be evil alongside our friends, instead of the normal heroics in every other game. The idea of playing as a team of bad guys commanding Minions to do our utmost bidding, while also causing chaos for each other, just really made us smile.  And as you know, an Overlord game never takes itself too seriously.”

“Finally the secret dark rituals have paid off!” said Rhianna Pratchett. “I’m often asked if there’ll be another Overlord game, so it’s wonderful to be back in black helping to create a new carnage-filled evil ride. This is one game franchise which has been as fun to develop as it is to play, and Fellowship of Evil is no exception. And don’t worry, there will be sheepies. We have plans for them. Oh yes!”

The publisher has released an announcement trailer, which you can view below.

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