Official Channels Account For Just 2.4% Of Youtube Gaming Views

97.6% of Youtube gaming views come from fan-made channels

Official gaming channels make up just 2.4% of total gaming view on YouTube, a new report has found.

Updated March figures show that, despite a 10% drop in views last month, Minecraft is still by far the biggest audience draw. Mojang’s game secured 3.9 billion views, with GTA and Five Nights at Freddy’s remaining second and third respectively.

The figures, from Newzoo and Octoly, show that the big gains this month came for Halo, which trebled its views to sneak into the top 20 at 18. Mario rose 450% percent into 8th due to several videos of an emulated version of Super Mario 64, which Nintendo quickly ordered to be taken down.

If you want to learn more about Nintendo’s policies on YouTube content, check out Wayne’s coverage of Angry Joe’s reaction to Nintendo here. In his article he points out that “It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved: Nintendo is trying to protect their property and profit as a company, while YouTubers are trying to make a living off of showing popular games. Hopefully we’ll see some sort of compromise in the coming days, although I wouldn’t hold your breath.” I’m certainly not holding mine.

Gaming on YouTube overall rose by 1.5 billion views to 12.3 billion in the last year. The most surprising figure comes in the form of how popular fan-made content is, accounting for 97.6% of all gaming views.

However, this fan-made figure is slightly skewed, considering many of the more popular content makers advertise for publishers, being paid directly by the IP owners to promote their products. Many publishers actually devote a great deal more advertising money to “fan” channels, rather than official ones, making this figure less surprising.

Octoly explained in a statement that “Owned media for us is anything from the channels owned by the game publishers themselves – this includes organic views or paid views”.

“We consider anything made by any non-brand channel to be earned media or fan views – we can’t distinguish which of those are paid and which aren’t – unless we do the influencer activation campaign ourselves. Our software also doesn’t distinguish which fan channels have been incentivized in some way with free products – again, unless it’s part of a campaign we put together.”

For those who are interested in the top 20 game franchises on YouTube, take a gander below.

RankGame TitleTotal
Video %
Video %
Share of
top 20
2Grand Theft Auto1,393M99,3%0,7%11%
3Five Nights at Freddy’s1,273M99,6%0,4%10%
4Call of Duty851M99,3%0,7%7% 1
5FIFA770M99,0%1,0%6% 1
6Garry’s Mod690M100,0%0,0%6% 1
7League Of Legends667M96,6%3,4%5% 3
8Super Mario547M99,6%0,4%4%
9Counter-Strike362M99,9%0,1%3% 1
10Dota 2282M99,8%0,2%2% 1
11Clash of Clans259M92,7%7,3%2% 2
12Battlefield177M94,3%5,7%1% 1
13Just Dance169M98,7%1,3%1% 6
15World of Tanks134M89,2%10,8%1% 1
17Team Fortress131M97,8%2,2%1% 2
19Mortal Kombat123M95,8%4,2%1% 2
20Destiny118M99,3%0,7%1% 6


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    • Unfortunately not, though it would certainly be interesting to see those breakdowns!