Details Leaked Of New Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures

Disney isn’t discussing any Disney Infinity 3.0 characters or game updates. But information about the characters and upgrades is still rolling out.

Yesterday saw new details about Disney Infinity 3.0 details leaking out, detailing some of the new characters coming to the sandbox video game as well as a toy line.

Characters known so far include classics such as Mickey, Mulan, Olaf and Mini Mouse. The leaked images came from a Chinese website telling us Disney’s plans. Assuming its all accurate of course the figures were originally found on DisneyInfinityFans. This fan-site is dedicated to putting out news about Disney Infinity.

According to the leak other characters will also be included. Sam Flynn and Quorra from 2010’s Tron Legacy will be in Disney Infinity. And Polygon tells us characters from Inside Out will also be in the mix. In total, 11 different Disney Infinity 3.0 action figures will be available.

Disney_Infinity_01After DisneyInfinityFans leaked the Disney infinity line-up, Infinity Inquirer was forced to take down the news by Disney Interactive, but not before a number of other sites got wind of the news. It seems unlikely now that the publisher will have any success in placing the lid firmly back on the box.

Even with this news it’s still unknown how the figures are involved in Disney Infinity. It’s clear that players who buy Disney Infinity 2.0 and original Disney Infinity are not getting the total package. Before the images were pulled, pictures of the packaging for the Disney Infinity 3.0 action figures showed they won’t work with older versions of the game. A large part of the experience in Disney Infinity is collecting figures, and forcing existing players to upgrade to a new version of the software will leave some unsatisfied, and parents’ wallets bearing the brunt of demanding kids.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is the newest fad of collectible sandbox video games that have been poping-up ever since Skylanders’ popularity led to other publishers following suit with their own alternatives. Nintendo’s Amiibo range is also incredibly popular, though those figures unlock extra content in selected games such as Captain Toad and Smash Bros.

Despite the leaked images and packaging, Disney hasn’t confirmed anything. With takedown notices issued to the sites responsible for leaking the info, it seems likely that the reports are accurate.

Meanwhile, the planned Disney 2.0 update will bring in characters from the Marvel universe to the game. Disney Infinity 2.0 is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. We can assume the same will go for Disney Infinity 3.0. The Marvel Super Heroes’ Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack cost $74.99. The upcoming update will probably run for about the same amount.

If Disney Infinity 3.0’s figures are in production as of right now, then it’s possible we could see an official reveal at this year’s E3 in June.

You can take a look at the Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes announcement trailer right here, and see what all the fuss is about. There’s no denying that the character models have a certain Pixar charm about them.

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