Gamestop Planning To Offer Retro Consoles And Games

Gamestop is to launch a new pilot program, selling retro consoles and games in 250 of its American stores.

Has your old Dreamcast or N64 given up the ghost? Have no fear! Gamestop has announced that they’ll be launching a pilot sales and trade-in program for retro games and consoles.

The program is set to launch in April 25th, with around 250 stores in New York City and Birmingham scheduled to host it. With the acceptance of consoles dating back as early as the Nintendo Entertainment System era, the company expects to launch it nationally later on in the year if it proves successful.

“We will bring all of the product back through the Refurbishment Operations Center for inspection, testing and repair,” a GameStop representative told IGN. With regards to warranties, the company has confirmed that they’ll be issuing the same warranties that they give for used and refurbished machines.

As a console collector, the appeal of this new program has very much sparked my interest. Hopefully the success will spawn not only a national interest, but an international one from a number of specialist game retailers.

Jason English

Jason English

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