More Child Of Light Projects In The Works

Child of Light‘s creative director Patrick Plourde has said that fans of the game should “stay tuned” for more news about the game, saying there are “very cool projects” in the works.

Plourde didn’t go into any more detail, but a sequel seems a likely bet given that the first game received a positive reception upon its release last year. Child of Light took the form of a platforming adventure with a Metroidvania-style gameplay structure, and given how popular it proved with gamers it’s likely that any sequel would stick to the same formula. But Plourde used the term “projects” – plural – suggesting that other things are also planned. That could mean a spin-off game is also in development, or possibly a cartoon or comic.

With this year’s E3 event just a few short months away, it’s entirely possible that we’ll hear more during Ubisoft’s presentation at the expo. Ubisoft traditionally pulls out all the stops for E3, reeling off a bucketload of announcements for its most popular franchises alongside projected release windows – so fans of Child of Light will no doubt have their eyes peeled for more news over the coming months.

Oliver Zimmerman reviewed Child of Light for Continue Play, awarding it 9/10. “Child of Light is different. It’s simple and beautiful, a refreshing change and a welcome experience,” Oli wrote in his Child of Light review. “Take up the opportunity to immerse yourself in its world, however, and Lemuria won’t disappoint. It’s a wonderfully-crafted gem of a game which delights right from the opening moments to the time the end credits roll.”


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