Bloodborne Player Completes Chalice Dungeon At Lowest Level

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A courageous gamer has taken up the task of finishing Bloodborne‘s Chalice Dungeon using the weakest possible class – the Waste of Skin character.

YouTuber JoeFenix is “the first person in the world to have cleared the whole Chalice dungeon, including the Defiled Chalice dungeon (which halves your already miserable pool of health).”

JoeFenix told IGN it took him around 25 times to beat the Yarnham boss. “There’s just alot that can go wrong in a fight like that, off screen attacks that kill you in one hit due to your low hp count and the fact that the boss fights tended to last quite a long time due to my low damage output relative to their vitality. It’s high risk, low reward so you feel like you’re constantly fighting for scraps.” He also took on the Pthumerian Queen, to top it all off.

The original plan for JoeFenix was never to clear the Chalice dungeon. “I only intended to play through the main game… on my LVL 4 character” he said – so as it seems he didn’t just do well, he thrived in his endeavors.

Joe didn’t neglect to capture the footage of this glorious feat – you can watch his playthrough for yourself and perhaps find some much needed inspiration to keep at it in your own save of Bloodborne.

Brian Kale reviewed Bloodborne for Continue Play, awarding it 10/10 and calling Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece “a humbling experience.”

“If you’ve been waiting for a reason to justify your purchase of a PlayStation 4 but have been let down so far with the system’s exclusives, then Bloodborne is the game which could well redeem Sony’s latest console in your eyes,” Brian wrote in his Bloodborne Review. “If this is your first time with a From Software game, enjoy it – because you’ll never get this feeling back again.”

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