Total War Battles: Kingdom Now In Open Beta

Total War Kingdom released into open beta

Publisher Sega has released Total War Battles: Kingdom into open beta today, a free-to-play title and a spin-off in the classic Total War franchise.

The game is striving to take everything you know and love about Total War and compresses it into a contained environment.

This approaching real-time strategy game will include several different gameplay mechanics, including kingdom building and army management. By becoming a lord and forging your realm to meet your liking, you can take the armies you manage into battles – large in scope – to defeat adversaries.

Total Battle Battles: Kingdom is “set during the chaotic turn of the 10th century”. Developer Creative Assembly informs us that at this point in history “the world starts to emerge from the Dark Ages divided and at war”, the kind of historical set-piece Total War games are known for.

As of now the beta is only on PC, although the original announcement back in 2014 confirmed that both a Mac and tablet version of the game are on their way. These platforms will allow for cross-device support so you can play on the fly.

You can view the Total War Battles: Kingdom Official Open Beta Trailer in all its glory and charm down below.




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