Focus Home Announces The Technomancer for PC & Consoles

Focus Home Announces The Technomancer For PC And Consoles

UPDATE: Focus Home Interactive has since confirmed to Continue Play that The Technomancer is set in the same universe as Mars War Logs, but is not a direct sequel.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced Technomancer, a new cyberpunk-themed RPG for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Developer Spider Games is perhaps best known for Bound By Flame and Mars War Logs. Bound by Flame was dark fantasy action RPG, while Mars Wars Logs was a sci-fi RPG set on the titular red planet. Both were decent efforts, if a little rough around the edges.

The Technomancer is also set on Mars, though it doesn’t appear to bear any relation to the studio’s previous work. The Technomancer has a more post-apocalpytic cyberpunk theme, as players attempt to outwit the planet’s Secret Police while attempting to uncover the truth behind your character’s past.

Your character, who hasn’t yet been named, is described as “a combat proficient warrior with use of cybernetically enhanced magical abilities”. As you might expect from such a description, combat is very much the order of the day, with skills divided between four different skill trees and a crafting system which apparently changes the appearance of weapon and armor as well as its stats. You’ll need to bond with a number of different companion characters and also manage your party and inventory.

Spiders is promising that The Technomancer will have 5 different endings to see, depending on your choices and the routes you take through the game, so there should be plenty of replay value on offer.

Other than that, we don’t really know anything else about The Technomancer, other than the fact that its due to be released in 2016. There’s no trailer to mark the announcement, so other than the two shots you can see on this page, we know very little about the game. We’ve asked Focus Home Interactive for more detail and will update the article if we hear back from them.

Oli Zimmerman reviewed Bound by Flame for Continue Play. He thought it was pretty decent, awarding it 7/10.

“It’s far too short, much of its dialogue feels phoned in, and a few sloppy typos and oversights mar the experience,” Oli said in his Bound By Flame Review. “Overall though, Bound by Flame is a decent action-filled fantasy romp – just don’t expect it to last for very long.”

Hopefully Spiders manages to improve on the potential seen in that game and deliver something special.

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