Conker’s Bad Fur Day Opening Remade In Project Spark

Conker's Bad Fur Day Being Recreated in Project Spark

The first 10 minutes of Rare’s N64 classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day have been recreated in Project Spark, Microsoft’s game creation sandbox.

The recreation is the work of a single team designer at Project Spark developer Team Dakota, and took just two days to put together. Despite the short turnaround however, the original gameplay is intact along with the script.

What Team Dakota created will be released as a free community level alongside the upcoming Conker Reunion Pack. At pack will contain a new episodic adventure for Rare’s foul-mouthed squirrel, as well as all the assets you’ll need to make your own Conker-themed adventures. You just know one industrious fan will take it upon himself to try and recreate the entire game.

Team Dakota streamed footage of their Bad Fur Day level via Twitch last night, and you can view it in the player below.

With a little luck, the new pack is Microsoft testing the water for a new installment in the series, which has languished in limbo since remake Conker: Live and Reloaded was released on the original Xbox back in 2005. The original game was released on Nintendo’s N64 all the way back in 2001. But despite the game’s tremendous success and no small amount of fans crying for a sequel, Microsoft has yet to greenlight a sequel to the game.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day looked and played like a cartoon 3D platformer, but it was filled with adult humor and a liberal dose of swearing. The game follows Conker, an alcoholic squirrel, as he tries to return home to his girlfriend – only to find himself needing to deal with an evil King. Conker is aided on his adventure by a paraplegic weasel (yes, really) called Professor Von Kriplespac. The original game featured more simple gameplay than Rare’s other platform classics, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, but went on to develop a strong cult following and was well-loved by critics and players alike.

Check out the surprisingly swear-free trailer below.

Watch live video from Project_Spark on Twitch

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