Bastion Arrives On PS4 From Today

Bastion Coming to PS4

Supergiant Games, developers of Bastion and the excellent Transistor, has announced that its action-RPG Bastion will be released on PS4 today in North America, and in coming Europe from tomorrow.

“We couldn’t have done this without the help of the team at BlitWorks, based over in Barcelona,” said Supergiant’s creative director, Greg Kasavin, “who we knew would be up to the task from their great work on PlayStation 4 versions of great games like Don’t Starve and Fez. The result is an exacting translation of a game that’s very near and dear to us, and we hope will soon be very near and dear to you.”

Bastion runs at 60FPS and 1080p on the PS4, letting you take in the beautiful level design in all its glory. If you’re not one of the 3 million people that have already bought Bastion for PC or Xboxnow would be a good time to try it out, especially if you love achievements – the PS4 version includes a shiny Platinum trophy for you to unlock.

Bastion was first released back in 2011 on Xbox 360, but moved on to PC and Mac after only a month. If you’ve not played Bastion yet, why not check out our review? Nic reviewed the game for Continue Play, scoring it an “essential” 10/10.

“I played it to completion it in 2 days, and I only wish it lasted longer, if nothing else for the witty remarks you get for killing 3 enemies at once, or for blowing up a dozen enemies with one mortar,” Nic wrote in his Bastion Review. “If you’re even remotely intrigued (and you should be), give it a try. You’ll love it.”

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