Someone has managed to beat Bloodborne without levelling up

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Are you finding Bloodborne difficult? Well, one player has managed to complete the game without levelling up or using a firearm.

The Waste of Skin class in Bloodborne is the only class which starts the game at level 4 (all the other classes start at level 10). The in-game description reads: “You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn’t have been born.”

Well, a Youtube player by the name BOYvsVIDEOGAME took that as a challenge – and tasked himself with not only playing through the game as a Waste of Skin, but never using his gun, and never leveling up. Not only that, but after 10 days, he actually managed to succeed.

His complete run is available on a playlist on his Youtube channel. The videos show some errors, but his fine control over the game is genuinely impressive. Of course, for players wary of spoilers you might want to avoid watching.

Bloodborne is, at this point, a phenomenon that’s taken gaming by storm. Although From Software has always had an overflowing fanbase, the developer’s latest game has enthralled Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch. Given that, players have already set out to begin accomplishing some crazy tasks. A speedrunner has already completed Bloodborne in 44 minutes.

Given that Bloodborne is the standard for difficult games at the moment, the fact that someone’s already managed to swing it with the weakest possible class and settings is pretty impressive. It’ll be interesting to see some other play limitation videos making the rounds – though beating the game without leveling is going to be a hard feat to top.

Our own Bloodborne review praised From Software’s latest game, awarding it a score of 10/10. “If you’ve been waiting for a reason to justify your purchase of a PlayStation 4, but have been let down so far with the system’s exclusives, then Bloodborne is the game which could well redeem Sony’s latest console in your eyes,” Brian wrote.

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