Dungeons 2 gets a special edition

Dungeons 2 Special Edition announced

Kalypso Media has announced that upcoming dungeon-management game Dungeons 2 is to receive a limited special edition.

The special edition, which will only be sold via retail and will be available for no extra cost, will feature a character magnet and the exclusive Pixie Vintage DLC. The DLC has players assigned with expelling Pixies from an enchanted forest. An official sountrack CD and postcards will also be included as part of the package.

You can guarantee your copy of the Special Edition by pre-ordering or buying the game at launch from your nearest bricks and mortar store. If you’re not interested in the physical copy, you can also pre-order the game via the Kalypso Launcher for a digital copy of the soundtrack and a 15% discount off the standard price of $39.99/ £34.99/ €44.99.

Dungeons 2 Special Edition announced

Dungeons 2 expands on the dungeon-building gameplay of the original 2011 game. Realmforge’s sequel adds two new playable factions and a new story. There are 26 different types of minions to recruit to your dungeon this time around, and once you’ve completed the single-player campaign you’ll be able to go online and play 4 different multiplayer modes. Or, if you’re old-fashioned, you can always lug your computer around a friend’s house for a match over a LAN connection.

The first Dungeons was something of a mixed bag. While the game attracted plenty of purchasers due to its apparent similarity to the classic Dungeon Keeper – right down to including an evil demonic hand and the ability to slap imps – it actually played rather differently. Instead of your aim being to repel the various heroes who invaded your dungeon, you actually needed to lure them in and then satisfy their needs by making sure they had plenty of treasure to loot, monsters to kill and traps to avoid. The more satisfied they became, the more Soul Energy you’d harvest from them, allowing you to further upgrade and expand your empire. Here’s a walkthrough video from the developer, if you want a better idea of how it plays:

The trouble with the first Dungeons is that while it was plenty of fun and contained some of neat ideas of its own, it was often hampered by the need to micromanage your dungeon to an insane degree. Unless you managed to work quickly to satisfy the needs of the heroes entering your realm, it was all too easy to find them becoming disgruntled and start attacking your dungeon heart without being able to do anything about it. Hopefully Realmforge has managed to make things a bit more manageable this time around.

Dungeons 2 is out on April 28th for Steam, Windows PC, Mac and SteamOS. There’s a gameplay walkthrough from the developer below, if you’re interested in learning more.


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