War for the Overworld out now.

War for the Overworld out now

Subterranean Games’ spritual successor to Bullfrog’s classic Dungeon Keeper series is available now on Steam, the developer has announced.

War for the Overworld has had a lengthy gestation period marked by several delays. Subterranean Games began development back in 2009, before taking the game to Kickstarter in late 2012.

The team, who had never made a game before, were successful: they managed to raise just over £210,000 – £60,000 more than their original £150,000 goal. The project managed to attract the attention of Dungeon Keeper creator Peter Molyneux, who gave the team his blessing. Richard Ridings, who voiced the narrator in Dungeon Keeper, reprises his role in War for the Overworld – adding to the game’s feeling of authenticity.

In War for the Overworld, you take command of an evil overlord in charge of constructing and managing a dungeon. You’ll use imps to carve out tunnels, satisfy the needs of minions, and repel the heroes who foolishly attempt to banish you from the world. The final version of the game contains an extensive single-player campaign, a sandbox mode and multiplayer – where two players will battle it out for dominance.

“We’re thrilled to finally release our vision of the ultimate modern dungeon strategy title to the world,” said 20-year-old Josh Bishop, the leader of Subterranean Games. “It’s been a long journey, but throughout we’ve had the amazing support of a dedicated community – not least those that banded together to help raise a whopping £210,000 on Kickstarter last year.”

“I’m confident that we’re bringing everyone the awesome game that they deserve.”

The game is available as a standard edition that currently costs £20.69, a temporary discount on it’s normal price of £22.99. For an extra £6 you can grab an upgraded edition, which nets you the game’s soundtrack as well as an exclusive theme and digital strategy guide. Purchase the game before May 2nd and you’ll get the game’s first slice of DLC for free when it launches later on in the year.

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