New Battlefield Hardline patch nerfs deadly multiplayer couch.

Hardline Patch Nerfs Deadly Couch

Visceral’s recently-released Battlefield: Hardline is receiving its first patch which, among other things, will reduce the effectiveness of the deadly couch easter egg.

The couch, aptly named “The American Dream”, was initially intended as a joke that players could use simply for their amusement. However, as it turned out, the couch was proving to be a reliable asset for players.

The couch can only be found in Hotwire mode on the Dust Bowl map. It spawns in one of several locations but only spawns once per round, so when it’s destroyed it won’t spawn again until the next game begins. However, this didn’t stop players from repairing it and using it to great effect.

The patch will be released sometime in the “near future” and will reduce the health of the couch as well as decreasing the repair rate to a minimal amount. This is so the couch can be returned to a hilarious one-off, as was intended, rather than the monstrous killing machine it has become.

The patch will also address many bugs and gameplay issues. You can view the full patch notes over onwhich can be viewed on the game’s official forums.

For those of you who haven’t seen the couch in action, check out the video below, courtesy of Youtube user jackfrags.

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