Steamworld Heist gets its first gameplay trailer.

Steamworld Heist gets its first gameplay trailer

Image & Form, the Swedish indie studio behind the sleeper hit Steamworld Dig, has revealed the first trailer for follow-up game Steamworld Heist.

“The footage is from the demo we showed at GDC, PAX East and EGX Rezzed a few weeks ago”, the developer explained in an email. “Both press and fans loved what they played, and now a lot of people have asked us to make it public. So to let fans around the world get to know how the core of the game plays, we fittingly decided to make a core gameplay trailer.”

Rather than being a straight-up sequel, Heist is more of a spin-off – set in the same universe as Dig, but featuring vastly different gameplay. Steamworld Dig was a sort of metroidvania-type affair, tasking you with digging out an ever-deeper mineshaft and uncovering new areas and gaining new abilities. Heist, meanwhile, is a 2d turn-based strategy game. Image & Form CEO, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, says that the game is “about space adventures and strategic shootouts”.

Sigurgeirsson first revealed the existence of the game when I interviewed him back in 2013. Back then Heist didn’t have a name, and the studio wasn’t ready to go into too much detail about what the game entailed.

But Sigurgeisson, fresh from the success of Dig‘s release on 3DS and a then-new HD version on Steam, was excited for the developer’s latest project: “What we want to do is to create much more of a ‘community’ game in the Steamworld series, meaning that people will play it for many more hours and discuss different strategies”, he told me at the time. “No-one will complete this game in a day or two; they’ll be playing hopefully for weeks, and then we’ll add more stuff to it.”

Given how much fun Steamworld Dig was (and it really was – you can read our 10/10 review here), I’m hoping for good things from the studio’s new project.

Steamworld Heist is due to be released sometime later this year on 3DS, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and mobile platforms. That’s a lot of platforms.

Check out the first gameplay footage below.

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