Save up to 92% this weekend on Sega’s PC games

Save up to 92% this weekend on Sega's PC games

Fans of Sega will be delighted to know that between the 26th and the 30th of March, Sega titles on Steam will be heavily discounted. New deals each day run for 24 hours starting from 9am PST/5pm GMT/6pm CET daily, so there’s plenty of time to pick up whatever title you’re looking for.

The entire catalogues of Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Total War will be discounted by 75%. Some relatively new titles like  Alien: Isolation (which we loved) and Typing of the Dead will also be discounted by 75%, so if you’ve been waiting for those famous Steam deals to catch up with these titles, then now’s the time to pick them up! It’s also worthy of note that Football Manager will be discounted by 33% too, if you’re a soccer fan.

Besides the dozens of other discounts to be had, there will be one hugely discounted Sega bundle that is reduced by 92%. This means that for the price of $79.99/£59.99/€69.99 you can have $990.01/£666.68/€909.64 worth of games – quite the bargain.

Whatever tickles your fancy, even if you aren’t certain if any of these games are for you, it’s worth having a look through Steam. Who knows what gems you could find in Sega’s back catalog for next to nothing? I’d personally recommend the original Rome: Total War Collection, if you do don’t already own it (which you should!). For less than you’d pay for most sandwiches ($3.33/£2.24/€3.06) you’ll be having hours of fun with one of the greatest strategy games ever made.

To find out more about these sales, visit the Steam webpage.

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