Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay footage leaks

Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay leaks online

Around 10 minutes of gameplay footage of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege has leaked onto the internet.

Ubisoft has been testing the game among a select few in a closed alpha recently, but it seems that one French player ignored Ubisoft’s strict terms and conditions and uploaded a chunk of their gameplay for all to see. Ubisoft has been trying to get the footage taken down, but it’s currently still viewable via DailyMotion at the time of publication – though don’t be surprised if the embedded footage below disappears sooner rather than later.

The recording is taken from one of the game’s multiplayer modes. The sound quality is a bit muffled, but there’s no mistaking the authenticity of the footage, which shows off a 5v5 mode set on an airplane. Some of the game’s many gadgets are shown off such as deployable shields, flashbang grenades, and barbed wire.

Players appear to earn points for assists and using gadgets, in a manner which should be familiar to anyone who’s played a multiplayer shooter online in the last five years.

“We have invited some media and influencers to try the game at our studio ,” a spokesperson for Ubisoft said in a statement which confirms the authenticity of the footage. “We are glad to say that they really enjoyed the experience and that soon you will be able to read their impressions. Stay tuned.”

Rainbow Six: Siege was first announced at last year’s E3, but little has been seen of the game since. The latest version of the long-running series attracted some controversy following its reveal due to its depiction of women, though the footage below neither serves to confirm or deny that those concerns have been adressed by developer Ubisoft Montreal.

The video shows that the game – which is due for release sometime this year – appears to be coming along rather nicely however, which hopefully means we’ll learn more about the game soon – perhaps at this year’s E3 conference in June.

Check out the gameplay while you can in the video below.

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