Hearthstone’s longest turn lasts 40 hours

Hearthstone's longest turn lasts 40 hours

Mamytwink, a Hearthstone player, is attempting to break the world record for the longest turn to ever be recorded.

A player is usually given 90 seconds to conduct their various moves, but Mamytwink, with his friend as his opponent, hopes to stretch a turn out for as long as 40 hours. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! He’s live streaming the entire ordeal here.


There’s a bit of math behind it all

How is Mamytwink managing to do this? Well, as a mage, he’s managed to place seven Prophet Velen cards on the board thanks to a couple of Faceless Manipulator cards, these cards allow you to make copies of other minions, in this specific case the Prophet Velen card.

The Prophet Velen card doubles the damage of the user’s spells which means that seven Prophet Velens will be double and missiles fired seven times. On top of this, each Prophet of Velen cars is buffed a number of times with various cards so that the spell damage is boosted even higher.

The missiles are provided thanks to the Arcane Missiles spell which is a card that costs one mana and usually shoots 3 missiles at random cards. This time it’s firing off 28, 752 missiles thanks to all the buffs. Nine Arcane Missile cards have been played causing a total of 258,768 points of damage.

But with all this damage how come the enemy cards don’t just die? The secret card Ice Block – which prevents the enemy priest from dying in a turn – is behind that. According to Mamytwink’s calculations the turn should end at 43.68 hours. We’ll have to see how accurate his math is on that one.

We’ll let you know the final time once the turn eventually ends – We’re as curious as you are!

Watch live video from Mamytwink on www.twitch.tv

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