Goat Simulator headed to Xbox


Microsoft has announced that, this coming April, Goat Simulator is making its awkward, ragdoll-filled, bleating way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Although no specific date has been announced, April 1st would mirror the release date of the original Goat Simulator. The Xbox ports are being developed by Double Eleven, said to be working closely with Coffee Stain Studios, in order to create the most faithful reproduction possible. The announcement trailer can be seen below.

In our opinion, bonkers games like Goat Simulator can only benefit from having larger and wider audiences to be silly with. Here’s to hoping that the absurdity translates well to a console platform, and introduces new players to the mysterious world of goats, cars, and ragdoll shenanigans.

New console players can look forward to Goat Simulator in April, and find out some of the things they’re in for by watching our Let’s Play.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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