Weekly Game Deals: February 11, 2015

Make it rain

There is something of a villainous siren song in sales, isn’t there? Maybe your voice of reason is having difficulty protesting over a dollar, especially when it means that one game you’ve been wanting to play for months. No matter how frugal, no matter how conscientious, we’re still always caught just a teensy bit short when we see a big, flashy sale sign. Especially attached to a big number, like 88% off.


Starting this week on Steam, the Midweek Madness deals are all mystery themed. Everything from indies, point-and-click adventure games, and even a noir setting action game or two. Highlights include Max Payne 3 at $4.99, the complete Wolf Among Us games for $12.49, and critical darling Gone Home for $7.99. These deals end at 10 AM (Pacific) on Friday.

For those not feeling the mystery, or just curious if something else might be on sale, the full list of current specials can be found here.

Humble Bundle

If sci-fi is more your speed, the Star Wars Humble Bundle is still around for another 6 days, having added Jedi Knight I and II and Starfighter to the above-average lot since our last weekly outing.

Weekly bundle has some overlap with the Steam sale, offering up a range of adventure games, including a few Broken Sword titles.

As last time, the Cartoon Network bundle is the current mobile bundle, with a small handful of titles added to the above-average lot.

Indie Royale

The Indie Royale is an ecclectic mix this time around, The Fenlon Bundle includes Viktor, Boot Hill Heroes, Stranded, Draconian Wars, and Life of Pixel for $2.49.

Bundle Stars

The Apocalypse Bundle makes a return from last week’s roundup, offering up 11 apocalyptic titles for $4.99. Joining it this week are the FPS Bulletproof bundle, offering a mix of first-person shooters for $3.49, and the Insert Coin bundle, offering 8 arcade-inspired games for just $2.49.

Indie Game Stand

Indie Game Stand’s current pay-what-you-want offering is Ruins of Endoth, which is available for roughly 80 more hours at time of writing. Those looking for a wider variety can find a full list of titles on sale here.


On the GOG side of things, there’s a number of heavy discounts going at the moment. The wonderful Bastion is currently 60% off, while experimental indie puzzler The Void is half price. Other games currently enjoying heavy discounts are Tiny and Big (90%), Lego Batman (50%) and both Lego Harry Potter games (60%).

Playstation Network

In the US, Playstation has an ongoing SNK sale, whose highlights include a wide range of classic fighters, Metal Slug titles, and a small handful of collections. They’re also offering discounts on PS3 and PS4 basketball game NBA 2K15, which includes sale prices on DLC.

This is in addition to the usual weekly price drops and odd discount. The full list of current sale items can be found here.

Xbox Live

Unfortunately, Xbox has no current sales, save for their on-going Everyday Values prices. Still, #IDARB is currently free for Gold subscribers as part of this month’s Games with Gold offering.

Nintendo Network

Nintendo Network is also somewhat sparse on advertised. A collection of Atlus and Ubisoft titles are on sale via the Nintendo eShop, found here.

That’s it for this week’s deals. If you have any suggestions, or know any sites we missed, hit us up in the comments.

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