Warcraft 3 assets now available in Starcraft 2


The entirety of Warcraft 3‘s assets, from UI to character models to sounds to voice assets, have been made available on Starcraft 2’s editor.

For the unfamiliar, Starcraft 2‘s editor allows for players to make campaign missions and maps to experience in the Starcraft 2 engine. With the inclusion of Warcraft 3′s assets, that means that the potential for a completely modern fan-release of Warcraft 3 is not only possible, but seemingly encouraged by Blizzard. We might not get a new official RTS Warcraft game anytime soon then, but where developers fail, the mod community is sure to pick up the pieces.

Warcraft 3‘s assets were added, alongside 3,000 completely new materials to the Starcraft 2 Public Test Server, including assets for the humans, orcs, night elves, and the undead.

“We are so excited to see what our community is going to make that we wanted to give you a head start,” said US community manager Traysent, in a post on Battle.net. “What are some of your favorite moments in Warcraft’s history? Whether it’s from the first opening of the dark portal in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans to Grommash leading the Iron Horde in Warlords of Draenor, we want to see it recreated in the StarCraft 2 editor.”

Starcraft 2‘s editor can be found via Battle.Net, and more information can be mined from Blizzard’s official post on the subject.

In addition to the newly available content, Blizzard has announced that it will be chronicling fan-content under community spotlight of sorts, which they’re calling “Memories of War.”

While eager fans will be busy cracking on with making their own missions and campaigns, Blizzard is working on putting the final touches to Legacy of the Void, the third and final game in the Starcraft 2 trilogy after Wings of Liberty in 2010 and Heart of the Swarm in 2013. While Wings focused on the Terrans and Swarm was concerned with telling the Zerg side of the story, Legacy of the Void will center on the Protoss. Expect lots of orange, gold and azure blue.

Legacy of the Void currently has no official release date, but if we’re to believe recent reports from an inside source at Blizzard, the game is already complete and merely awaiting a launch window. If that’s true – and recent previews from other members of the press have described a game that certainly looks to be ready to ship – we could be seeing it on store shelves this side of Summer. Here’s hoping.

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