Rarrrrr! Bandai Namco reveals new Godzilla screenshots

Rarrrr! Bandai Namco shows off new Godzilla screens

Bandai Namco is dusting off the legendary Japanese monster, Godzilla, in a new title coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 and 4 this Summer, and they’ve revealed some new screenshots showing off the titular monster and some of the classic enemies that players can expect to face. Multiplayer battles are included, with each player taking the role of either Godzilla or monstrous enemies like Mothra, the giant, erm, moth, and King Ghidorah (known as Ghidrah outside of Japan) – a giant three-headed dragon. We’re assuming that’s Mecha-Godzilla in the screenshots too, so fans of big stompy robots will be able to get their freak on.

In multiplayer, you’ll battle it out to destroy your opponent’s Energy Gnerators in large, fully-destructible city arenas, laying waste to everything around you. Think Hulk: Ultimate Destruction on steroids, or the classic Rampage series, and you have an idea of what to expect.

Unfortunately, while the game will be seeing a release in Europe, the Middle-East and Australasia, there’s no mention of whether it will reach American shores. That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how well the final product turns out. It does look rather fun though – and it’s always good to settle down with old-fashioned destructive mayhem after a long day at work.

Other than that, details are relatively scarce for now. We don’t know how long the single-player game will be, or the sort of features it will have, and there’s no news on whether you’ll only be able to play as a monster, or if you’ll be able to take the role of a human and try to escape from Godzilla’s trail of mayhem. We’ll let you know more as soon as we find out – we’ve asked Bandai Namco for more information.



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