343 plans “biggest” matchmaking change for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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The Halo: Master Chief Collection has received update after update after update after update after update (seriously, those are all links to different patches we’ve covered), the primary focus of most of them generally being the all-round buggy matchmaking system. Well, it seems we may be seeing the largest matchmaking overhaul to date according to 343 Industries – fingers crossed it works (Honestly).

There is no current confirmed release date for the patch even though there were plans for it to be beta tested by members of the Xbox One preview program that was held last week – but that beta test was called off early and Microsoft has started to re-evaluate whether or not they needed a beta at all.

“As this update contains the biggest changes to the Matchmaking system yet, we’ve identified that additional time and testing is required. We are currently evaluating both timing and need for a content update beta with the Xbox One Preview program, as well as the final public release date in February. We’ll continue to provide the latest updates here on Waypoint.” read a recent Halo Waypoint blog post.

Sounds surpiciously like PR speak for “it wasn’t ready” to us, but maybe we’re just being cynical.

In addition to the much-needed and long-awaited matchmaking overhaul, 343 also plans to add other features, including various playlist additions and options and different game modes such as Team Snipers and Team Doubles (though this will need to wait for working matchmaking before being implemented). And, of course, further down line we can still expect the full ODST campaign to be added (though sadly not the excellent Firefight multiplayer mode that launched with the game and later returned in the superb Halo: Reach).

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection hit the shelves back in 2014 and has had a rocky road of patches ever since, the result of which has kept us from giving the game a proper review. Maddy Richards did however review the working singleplayer portion of The Halo Master Chief Collection, saying that, “these are four 9/10 campaigns bundled together with varying degrees of remastering and increased frame-rates. Not since Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES has a whole series of games been thoroughly overhauled and bundled together in a complete, and comprehensive package.”

Here’s hoping that 343 can finally get the online problems sorted, because we’re getting a bit bored of sitting in endless matchmaking lobbies without getting a match.

Oliver Zimmerman

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