New Homeworld trailer and screens show off updated visuals

Homeworld Remastered shown off in new screenshots and trailer

Borderlands developer Gearbox has released a new trailer for its upcoming HD remaster of classic space-faring RTS Homeworld.

The video, which you can see below, shows off the remaster’s updated visuals, and it’s looking rather spiffy. PC gamers can look forward to getting their hands on the game – which bundles together the original 2 Homeworld titles, complete with new textures, models, a remastered score and re-recorded dialogue from the games’ original cast. An updated version of the classic releases will also be released for download, for those who are feeling a bit nostalgic.

Homeworld was first released on PC back in 2002, with its sequel arriving a year later. Originally developed by Relic Entertainment – best known for its work on Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and Company of Heroes – the rights to the franchise passed to Gearbox following former Relic owner THQ’s demise back in 2013. Another developer, Blackbird, is currently working on a new Homeworld game. Relic, meanwhile, is now owned by Sega, and thought to be at work on a new installment in the Dawn of War series, though little is known about the game at this point.

Gearbox has a lot going on at the moment: in addition to remastering Homeworld for modern audiences, it’s also creating Battleborn – a first-person online FPS – as well as recruiting for the recently-confirmed Borderlands 3. Homeworld Remastered is due for release sometime later this year.

Take a look at the trailer and the latest screenshots, which show a mix of the original and new visuals:

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