Dying Light launch trailer released into the wild

Dying Light's launch trailer released

Publisher Warner Bros has released the launch trailer for Techland’s open-world survival horror game Dying Light.

As we previously reported, while gamers in North America are able to purchase the game both digitally and as a physical release from today, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets are able to access the game from tomorrow – though only via digital download. The physical release has been delayed by a month in other territories, and Warner Bros has remained tight-lipped on the reasons behind the delay.

Dying Light is Techland’s spiritual successor to Dead Island, the rights to which are held by 2K, who have handed over development on that game’s sequel (Dead Island: Riptide was more of a stand-alone expansion pack) to Yager Development. Dying Light takes the open-world melee-based gameplay of Techland’s previous work and combines it with Mirror’s Edge-style first-person parkour – except where Mirror’s Edge took place in a clean, clinical future dystopia, Dying Light takes place in the shanty towns and run-down slums of Turkey’s Harran. It has a full day and night cycle too, with more dangerous, agressive Zombies venturing out into the streets after dark.

Dying Light is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were planned, but later ditched so that Techland could realize their vision without the restrictions placed on development by catering to older consoles. We’ll hopefully get our hands on a copy of the game soon.

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