Ubisoft reveals experimental platformer Grow Home

Grow Home

Ubisoft Reflections, the studio behind titles like Driver: San Fransisco, has shown off the latest in their more “experimental” games with an interesting looking physics-based PC platformer called Grow Home.

Set for the very near release date of the February 4th, Grow Home will have players controlling a robot named BUD (or Botanical Utility Droid) who is tasked with growing a giant beanstalk so that it can harvest and plant seeds in order to help oxygenate his home planet – it’s all very WALL-E-esque.

Player control BUD’s arms separately (Sort of like in I Am Bread or Octodad) while you help him to climb the colossal beanstalk. “This brings a unique feel to how you interact with the world, especially the climbing which can be very physical and perilous You get a real sense of vertigo and you’re acutely aware of the long drop below you,” said producer Pete Young on the Ubisoft Blog.

But Grow Home won’t just be climbing a beanstalk, as you’ll spend plenty of time exploring floating islands. “You’ll find yourself traveling through a series of floating islands and crafting your own playground in the sky,” the publisher said. “As you ride branching vines through the air, you’ll be shaping your own unique world, exploring new locations, and encountering strange plants and animals,” the studio said.

Taking a look at the (rather pretty) trailer below, it looks as though we’ll be making use of various mechanics such as trampoline leaves, teleportation pads and parachute-like flowers (fairly typical platformer stuff) to guide you on your way. Have a watch and let us know what you think.

Personally, I’m just happy to see studios experimenting and going against the norm, it’s the type of thing that brought us Child of Light, also from Ubisoft which I reviewed a few months back and scored 8/10 –  it’s nothing less than extraordinary.

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