Alien: Isolation passes 1 Million sales

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation hit the shelves with rave reviews when it was released in October 2014, drawing a lot of praise for its excellent atmosphere, aesthetic design, and adherence to the survival-horror tropes that the Alien series had been built upon. Just recently, the title has managed to surpass 1 million copies sold.

Announced via Twitter, the milestone is a fairly impressive one to be achieved in around three months time. Especially given that the game was already starting off on the wrong foot, following the critically panned Alien: Colonial Marines just one year prior.

I don’t find this news at all surprising, honestly, given just how much quality Creative Assembly have managed to pack into the hauntingly noisy space station. Every whisper of air, hushed movement of a door, and sudden sound only amplifies the horror, building the kind of universe well-suited both to survival horror and the Alien franchise. Enough that someone like myself who generally avoids horror games has tempered with the idea of giving it a try. After all, Brian Kale offered plenty of praise, saying “I may have come into Alien: Isolation as a skeptic, but within the opening few minutes I was completely on board. Often I found myself escaping a situation by the skin of my teeth with a rushed panic, followed by several audible “ohcrapohcrapohcrap” utterances. Rarely does a game manage to induce genuine panic, but Isolation completely nails the feeling of pure tension and suspense.”

And just like the quiet darkness lurking just behind the player, here’s to hoping even grander sales numbers can creep up on Alien: Isolation.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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