New Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin shots and details

New Dark Souls: Scholar of the First Sin screenshots

New Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin screenshots have been released by publisher Bandai Namco, along with more information about the differences between the various versions of the game.

Some of the additions made to the Scholars of the First Sin edition – announced late last year – are common to owners of the original game on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and will be added in a patch. These features include item descriptions to flesh out the lore of the world of Drangleic, and the ability to continue your save game from where you left off. Unfortunately, players upgrading from the last-gen system will need to start over from scratch – there’s no Diablo 3-style importing of last-gen saves present. Still, that’s just another excuse – if one were needed – to run through From Software’s excellent game all over again.

Others are exclusive to purchasers of the new edition. Buy the Scholars of the First Sin edition of the game on new or last-gen consoles and Dirext X 9 Windows PC, and you’ll receive the previously released Lost Crowns trilogy of DLC.

It’s not until you purchase the game for PlayStation 4, Direct X 11 Windows PC and Xbox One, though, that you see the real benefits. Graphics and performance have been greatly enhanced, enemy placement and gameplay design have both been rethought, and the game will feature support for more online players.

Brian Kale reviewed Dark Souls 2 last year, scoring it an “great” 8/10, and concluding that while it doesn’t quite reach the glory of its predecessor, it’s still a fantastic game. “Despite its faults, Dark Souls 2 is still likely to be one of the best games released this year,” he said in his Dark Souls 2 Review. “It’s engrossing, it has plenty of replay value, and there’s likely plenty of secrets locked away in its depths waiting to be uncovered; but if From Software was hoping to top Dark Souls, they still have some way to go.”

Check out the latest screenshots from the re-release below.

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