Tale of Tales shows off first Sunset in-game screenshots

Sunset Screenshot

Indie developer Tale of Tales has shown off the first in-game screenshots of its upcoming funk-infused mystery title, Sunset.

The small 2-person studio, whose previous output includes The Path and Luxuria Superbia, is known primarily for creating smaller interactive works which aim to evoke emotion in players, rather than challenge them through complex gameplay mechanics. This has led to some labelling the developer as part of the so-called “walking simulator” movement.

Sunset looks to be different from their previous work, however. Originally funded via Kickstarter early last year, Sunset is set within a single apartment in an early 1970’s South America – retaining the smaller-scale environments that the developer is known for – but contains a more concrete narrative, complete with branching paths. Playing as housekeeper Angela Burns, you’ll explore the home of your employer and gradually uncover his role in the revolution that is gripping the country.

Tale of Tales is promising that a playthrough can take anything between 90 minutes to 6 hours, depending on thoroughly players explore the apartment, and although there is apparently no way you can fail the game, the branching paths through the narrative should ensure plenty of replay value.

It also helps that it looks rather beautiful; Tale of Tales has infused the game with the burnt oranges, warm pinks and yellows implied by the game’s title to create something visually distinctive with an almost dreamlike quality. And to go along with the aesthetic, Austin Wintory – of Journey, The Banner Saga and Monaco fame, is on soundtrack duties – so we’re expecting something rather special in the music department.

No firm release date has been revealed, though Tale of Tales has said that the game will launch on PC sometime in “Spring 2015”, so we shouldn’t have too long to wait. Check out Sunset for yourself in the screenshots and story trailer below.

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