Let’s Play… Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation screenshot

In our latest Let’s Play video, Kyle Barrows braves the darkened and dilapidated halls of the Sevastopol in Creative Assembly’s stunning Alien: Isolation. Witness him screaming, getting lost, and dying – a lot.

Brian Kale reviewed Alien: Isolation upon its release last year, and found it to be an excellent revival of a series which has failed to impress in recent years. “I may have come into Alien: Isolation as a skeptic, but within the opening few minutes I was completely on board. Often I found myself escaping a situation by the skin of my teeth with a rushed panic, followed by several audible “ohcrapohcrapohcrap” utterances,” he wrote in his 9/10 Alien: Isolation Review. “Rarely does a game manage to induce genuine panic, but Isolation completely nails the feeling of pure tension and suspense which defines the original film.

Alien: Isolation is not just the best Alien game in years; it’s also one of the best horror games in years, full stop.”

Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

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