Microsoft teases new plans for improved Xbox Avatars


According to recently discovered job advertisements, console and PC giants Microsoft are looking to improve the feature on the Xbox One and alternative platforms, including PC and Windows Phone.

Originally spotted by Dualshockers, the adverts clearly point to the new direction they want to take with the system, which was first introduced to the Xbox 360 in 2008 and hasn’t seen all too many updates since then. In fact, Microsoft effectively sidelined Avatars with the release of Xbox One, where they are currently used for little more than creating a gamerpic for your profile. Could that be about to change?

The advert states:

“Since their introduction six years ago, Xbox avatars have become the social identity for our gaming customers across Microsoft properties, making their way into Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox mobile apps, Windows, and into major and indie games. As we cross the threshold to a unified operating system and product experience across Microsoft, it is time to for Xbox avatars to also advance to the next level. Come with us, as we take Xbox avatars on their biggest adventure yet with higher fidelity and a bigger stage in new Xbox experiences. You will be part of the broader Xbox Experiences team, which owns the Xbox One Shell, and the Xbox experiences across console, desktop, slate, mobile, iOS, and Android. We are a team of innovative veterans that has played significant roles in launching Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Kinect. Come join us, and our wave of monthly releases, generating delight and praise from our customers.”

We can only assume that the “unified operating system” that is mentioned refers to the upcoming Windows 10 OS, which is being showcased at a special event on January 21, and will be available to consumers later this year.

It’s nice to see the Avatar system getting a makeover and implementation of new features, and cross-compatibility is an interesting premise. In all honesty though, the main thing I want to see is a current-gen revamp of 1 vs. 100. Microsoft confirmed back in 2010 that the massively multiplayer online adaptation of the trivia game show of the same name would never get a third season (to much public outcry from its many fans), but with the Xbox 360 version of the game having been downloaded 2.5 million times – and setting a Guinness World Record – there’s clearly a large proportion of Xbox players who would be eager to see its return.

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